Benefits of Sexual Enhancement

Benefits of Sexual Enhancement

When most people hear the word “Botox®,” they immediately think of its highly popular use as a wrinkle treatment. And in fact, it’s recognized as the most popular cosmetic treatment in America — by far. 

Botox and similar neuromodulator agents have plenty of other uses, too, and because of their versatility and method of action, researchers continue to identify new benefits associated with treatment. One of those more recent developments includes an in-office treatment for penile enhancement that uses neuromodulators to avoid surgery and other, more protracted treatments. 

At Adult and Pediatric UrologyAlfred Shtainer, MD, FACS, offers a state-of-the-art, in-office treatment called Magnum to increase flaccid penis size, helping men in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, New York, enjoy greater sexual confidence. In this post, learn more about Magnym and the benefits it could bring to your life.

Magnym: How it works

Regardless of how well a man performs in bed, data show that for most men, sexual confidence is still often determined by penis size, leaving many men plagued by low sexual self-esteem and sexual dysfunction. That’s when penile enhancement can help. While some enhancement procedures use surgery or complex treatment regimens, Magnym works differently, avoiding surgery and the complications it can cause.

Magnym uses neuromodulators to enhance penis size without surgery. Neuromodulators (like Botox and Dysport®, among others) work by blocking nerve signals associated with specific muscle contractions. In facial wrinkles, injections prevent facial muscles from forming lines and folds in your skin, but the same action can affect muscles in other areas of your body, including the penis.

In Magnym treatment, the neuromodulator solution is injected into specific muscles in the penis, relaxing those muscles and improving blood flow to the area. Once muscles are relaxed, Magnum helps enhance penile girth so the penis appears more tumescent and enlarged. 

Benefits of Magnym therapy

Magnym offers several potential benefits for men and their partners. As noted above, relaxing the muscles in the penis can help the penis appear larger when flaccid (essentially transforming a “grower” into a “shower”). This single feature can lead to multiple additional benefits, including:

In addition, when sexual confidence improves, many men may find they feel more confident in other areas of their lives, as well. 

Data show Magnym may also improve erectile function by optimizing blood flow in the shaft of the penis. A recent meta-analysis of multiple studies found neuromodulator injections were associated with improvements in both penile blood flow and erection hardness score, two measures of male sexual performance and satisfaction.

Find out if Magnym is right for you

Magnum treatment is quick and noninvasive, typically taking just a few minutes in our office with no prolonged downtime afterward. Effects are noticeable almost immediately, and repeat treatments every few months help maintain those results indefinitely. 

If you’d like to learn more about Magnym treatment and its benefits, book an appointment online or over the phone with Dr. Shtainer and the team at Adult and Pediatric Urology today.

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