When Is Shockwave Therapy the Best Option for Erectile Dysfunction?

When Is Shockwave Therapy the Best Option for Erectile Dysfunction?

If you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED), you probably feel like you’re all alone. But ED is extremely common, affecting about 30 million men in the United States alone. Erectile dysfunction definitely becomes more common with age, but it affects younger guys, too, taking a toll on your sex life as well as your self-esteem.

Fortunately, treatments can help, including state-of-the-art penile shockwave therapy. At Adult and Pediatric Urology, top-rated urologist Alfred Shtainer, MD, FACS, offers this innovative, customizable therapy for men in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, New York, to help them regain function and confidence, too. Here’s how it works.

Shockwave therapy: When it’s appropriate

Completely noninvasive, shockwave therapy uses a handheld device to deliver pulses of controlled energy to the deep layers of tissue in the penis. Although it can be used for other causes of ED, shockwave therapy is especially effective for vasculogenic ED, the most common cause of erectile dysfunction. 

Vasculogenic ED is caused by poor circulation in your penis. Healthy blood flow is essential for normal erectile function, but as we age, circulation problems can take their toll. While this type of ED can occur in men with other types of circulation problems, it can also happen on its own.

Shockwave therapy helps by promoting the growth and development of new, healthy blood vessels able to provide the penis with a steady supply of blood. At the same time, the measured doses of energy stimulate the production of nitric oxide, a naturally produced chemical that helps blood vessels relax so they can carry more blood.

Shockwave therapy can also help break up scar tissue that can interfere with erections, and it may aid in nerve regeneration for greater sensitivity. In addition to improved rigidity, some patients report an increase in penile size, as well.

Your treatment: What to expect

For plenty of men, the thought of sending shockwaves through the penis sounds a little — scary. But despite its name, shockwave therapy is surprisingly comfortable. Most men report no more than a tingling sensation as the energy waves penetrate the deeper layers of tissue.

At the start of your treatment, the doctor applies a gel to your skin. The gel enhances contact between the applicator and your skin, making it easier for the energy waves to penetrate.

The doctor passes the applicator over the surface of your penis, adjusting the duration and strength of the energy waves depending on your needs. Most treatments take about 15-20 minutes.

While you may see improvement after a single session, we recommend treatments twice a week for three weeks to achieve optimal benefits. Shockwave therapy can be used alone or in combination with other therapies for a truly custom approach based on your unique needs and goals.

Find a solution for your ED

While shockwave therapy is typically most effective for men with vasculogenic ED, our doctors are skilled in treating other types of ED, too. To find a solution that works for your needs, book an appointment online or over the phone with Dr. Shtainer and the team at Adult and Pediatric Urology today.

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