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Dr. Alfred Shtainer specializes in treating various conditions that affect the urinary tract, including kidney stones and UTIs. Dr. Shtainer and his staff serve the residents of the greater New York City area, including Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Kidney Stones Q & A

What are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are small "stones" created by an accumulation of various minerals that are excreted by the kidneys. Under certain conditions, these minerals may adhere together to form stones. Uric acid stones are comprised of uric acid crystals that begin to accumulate and adhere together, while other stones are made from calcium and struvite. Struvite stones normally form when an infection has occurred, most likely a urinary tract infection.

What Causes Kidney Stones to Form?

Many stones simply form when there is an excess of a certain type of mineral or salt in the urine. Struvite stones, on the other hand, normally form due to an infection in the urinary tract. These stones grow quickly and can appear without warning. Kidney stones may not offer any symptoms in the beginning until they begin to block the flow of urine. Diet and certain metabolic disorders may also increase the risk of kidney stones. In some instances, helpful elements in the urine which prevent stone formation may be low. Again, correct and timely diagnosis is required to plan appropriate therapy.

How Are Kidney Stones Treated?

A large majority of kidney stones will pass on their own. In fact, many people often suffer from stone disease, which causes minimal symptoms. Hydration and proper diet may often control the problem but often medications may be needed to pass or dissolve them. In cases where the stones obstruct the kidney, cause severe pain or infection, we may choose to use shock wave or laser therapy to break the stones. In the majority of cases, patients can resume regular activity the following day. If you believe you are suffering from kidney stones, it is best to consult a doctor to verify your diagnosis. Contact Adult and Pediatric Urology to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shtainer today.

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