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At Adult and Pediatric Urology, Dr. Alfred Shtainer and his staff serve the residents of many New York neighborhoods, including Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. The doctor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and other problems associated with the male reproductive system.

Male Infertility Q & A

What Is the Definition of Infertility?

The definition of infertility is the inability to conceive and carry a child to term after at least twelve months of consistent attempts. Individuals who have tried for several months and have not been able to achieve a viable pregnancy may not be considered infertile, especially if they have been using birth control and recently stopped. Infertility may have female or male causes. Often it is a combination of female and male factors. Dr. Shtainer is an expert on male infertility. If you are a male, and you and your partner are having trouble conceiving, contact Dr. Shtainer to book an appointment.

What Causes a Man's Sperm Count to Drop?

A significant drop in a man's sperm count can decrease his ability to father a child. A low sperm count can be the result of a severe illness, damage to the male reproductive system, the use of certain types of medications, or excessive alcohol consumption. Obesity, smoking, excessive heat, and the use of certain types of lubricants may also decrease the number of sperm available. Men who have occupations which involve high levels of stress may also have fluctuations in sperm count depending on how well they manage anxiety.

How is Infertility Treated?

In most situations, a couple who is experiencing difficulties in conceiving a child may be advised to try assisted reproductive technologies or treatments. These can include in vitro fertilization and other types of artificial insemination. Depending on what is causing 

the infertility,

 doctors can recommend a variety of treatment options. Treating the underlying cause of a low sperm count may be one of the easiest ways to resolve the situation. Hormone therapy that helps to balance the levels of testosterone may be beneficial as well. Make an appointment with Dr. Alfred Shtainer to discuss your male infertility treatment options.  

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